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Product name:MLE
Product classification:CREE light bead
Release date:2022-01-26

Product introduction:

Cree XLamp ML - E LED to 1/2 watt LED to realize the lighting level performance, continue to Cree in lighting application fields lead LED innovation fine tradition to carry forward. XLamp ML - E LED for a variety of lighting applications brought excellent performance and smooth appearance, these applications include linear lighting, LED to replace with lights, improved fluorescent lamp and retail display lighting.


XLamp ML - E LED now provide different series and colors for your choice. XLamp ML - E series LED use 9.6 V typical voltage, can cooperate with higher efficiency and more small size of the drive, so as to reduce applications (such as LED to replace with lights, etc.) of the cost. Minimum of 80, 85 and 90 CRI products available for ML - E white LED to achieve such as demanding CRI retail stores and restaurants lighting applications. ML - E color LED provides red, blue and green and so on the many kinds of color, the customer can be used to realize a large number of applications, including architecture, reception, restaurant, emergency vehicles and decorative lighting.




Lm/W down more than 129 efficacy (cold white)

Can be used to conform to the ANSI standard white light (2800 K to 8300 K)

Wide perspective: 120 ° - 125 °

3.5 mm x 3.5 mm packaging

But in series or parallel

Minimum of 80, 85 and 90 CRI products are available

Can provide 6000 hours of LM - 80 data

Colors: red, blue, green

Lighting applications


T5 / T8 light bulb; Fluorescence replacement

Ambry lighting

Retail display and refrigerated display

Plate lamp

Corridor, stair and corridor lighting

The reception site including restaurants, bars, ceiling, theater and museum

Color linear lighting

Emergency vehicle lighting

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