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Product name:MLB
Product classification:CREE light bead
Release date:2022-01-26

Product introduction:

The Cree XLamp ML - B LED to 1/4 tile small power LED device to lighting level reliability and performance standards. It will lead to the Cree expanded linear and distributed lighting applications. With 3.5 mm X 3.5 mm packaging specifications of XLamp is the lighting level reliability, wide Angle, light output uniform and industry leading chromaticity step etc., XLamp ML - B LED lasted Cree in lighting applications according to the market segmentation for LED products innovation history.

XLamp ML - B LED to high performance and even downy light to a wide range of lighting applications, including linear lighting, fluorescent lamp upgrading and retail display lighting. characteristics

• have white specification available (color temperature 2600 K to 8300 K)

• compatible ANSI son step

The largest, drive current: 175 mA

• 120 ° Angle of view, chrominance distribution uniformity

• cooling section is not charged (thermoelectric separation)

• meet the RoHS and REACH requirements

In not more than 30 °, C / 85% relative humidity conditions, workshop life is not restricted

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