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Product name:XML
Product classification:CREE light bead
Release date:2022-01-26

Product introduction:

XLamp XM - L LED is in the profession performance of the highest single chip white light LED lighting level. In the same electric shed,

XLamp XM - L efficiency more than 20% higher than XLamp XP - G, and in each tile 100 lumen efficacy,

Luminous flux can be as high as 1000 lumen. XLamp XM - L LED Cree with industry leading features: wide perspective,

Symmetric encapsulation, workshop life is not restricted, and cooling section is not charged (thermoelectric separation).

XLamp XM - L LED makes are among those that need JiLiuMing thousands of new applications using LED lamp possible, such as high tent lighting and high output area lighting. To highlight the output and the maximum efficacy lighting applications, for example, LED bulb, outdoor lighting, portable lighting, indoor lighting and solar lighting, XM - L are ideal choice. characteristics

The largest, drive current: 3000 mA

Thermal resistance, low: 2.5 ° C/W

• highest junction temperature: 150 ° C

• perspective: 125 °

• has a minimum color rendering index 80, warm white, neutral white and cold white specification optional

• chromaticity step compatible ANSI

In not more than 30 º, C / 85% relative humidity

Conditions, workshop life is not restricted

• can reflow soldering - JEDEC J - STD - 020 - c standard

• cooling section is not charged (thermoelectric separation)

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